Make Money Trading Options

Make Money Trading Options (McGraw-Hill, 2021)

The bestselling author of Understanding Options shows how to make money―and avoid making mistakes―when buying and selling option contracts. 

With clear, simple language―and without a lot of confusing charts or indicators―MarketWatch columnist Michael Sincere shares his expertise and battle-tested strategies for building wealth in the options market. Even beginners can quickly benefit from the guidance in this book―as well as those concerned about potential volatility in the near term. The author discusses how to:

•Implement short-term trading strategies buying calls and puts
•Find winning stocks using proprietary test trading strategies
•Identify the most profitable market environments
•Learn when to enter or exit option positions
•Find ideal setups and positions
•Protect your money in both bull and bear markets―and know when not to trade
•Identify new and important buy and sell signals
•Learn new ways to view and trade the stock market

An expert who has appeared frequently on CNBC and other media outlets, Sincere is uniquely positioned to get you started on the path to profit―providing ideas and principles to help you avoid bad bets and create an investing plan geared toward protecting your assets.