Bullish or Bearish? Week of Aug. 12, 2019

S&P 500 is above its 200-day moving average = Bullish  

S&P 500 is below its 50-day moving average = Bearish

S&P 500 one-month trend: SPX broke its uptrend during the week, a bearish signal. However, there should be attempts to bring SPX back above its 50-day moving average.

RSI: (S&P 500) @ = 44.73 = Neutral

MACD: Below Zero Line and below Signal Line = Bearish

Daily Intraday Volatility: 17.97 (Neutral). The algos are doing everything in their power to suppress volatility. Nevertheless, volatility has been spiking.

Comment: What a wild week! To refresh your memory, Monday started off with a 700 point Dow shellacking, followed by rallies and selloffs the rest of the week. On Wednesday, the indexes were crashing when the algos came in for a rescue, and turned the indexes positive in the afternoon.

The volatility should continue as we enter the volatile months of September and October. It will give investors indigestion (but so far there has been little panic) as the indexes gyrate. Traders can do well but it’s extremely dangerous, especially if buying puts. Why? Because the algos constantly pounce to keep volatility low and run the market higher. The reality is that buyers were mostly absent, but the algos were ready and waiting to bring the market higher at every opportunity. That is one of the reasons it’s so risky to buy puts, so if you do make a profit, sell quickly.

Expect volatile days in the coming days and weeks. There are many signs of a recession except that consumers are still buying (mostly online), and there haven’t been job losses. If these two take a hit, then the recession will have arrived.

Bottom line: Navigating this market is very difficult right now, and there are many crosscurrents. Investors would be wise to increase cash (but not sell everything). There is a chance the indexes could rally strongly from here, but the odds are not good right now. As I wrote last week, every bull market is followed by a bear market. After the longest bull market in history, what do you think is going to happen next? Unfortunately, based on stock market history, individual retail investors will hold their darlings right until the bitter end.


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