Hello Bear Market

Last weekend I interviewed Mark Cook about the bear market he saw looming a year ago. As many of you know, I also saw signs of a dangerous market, and in January, the market got rather violent. Here is a link to my MarketWatch interview with Cook. I hope you enjoy it!


As for me, I’ve been busy trading this market. Although there are no guarantees it will work in the future, shorting the rallies using put options has been working (but even in a bear market, there are wild rallies). This strategy is for active traders who have the time to monitor their positions during the day. If you don’t have the time or ability to trade, moving all or some of your money to cash is the safest idea. As you may know, many disagree that you should sell stocks and move to cash.¬†Only you can decide what is best. Meanwhile, be careful out there. Many stocks are going to be taking big haircuts.

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