How to Profit in the Stock Market

How to Profit in the Stock Market

(McGraw-Hill, 2023)

How to Profit in the Stock Market shows how to find stocks that have the most potential, identify overall market conditions, determine whether or not to participate, enter and exit positions, and avoid dangerous markets. You’ll gain valuable information on potential risks and learn ways to protect your money when trading.

You will learn buying strategies and tactics, including how to find winning stocks. Technical indicators and oscillators are discussed in detail, including MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, Stochastics, Candlesticks, and Moving Averages.

In addition, trend and momentum strategies are explained, as well as high-risk, high-reward strategies such as day trading, trading gaps, cryptocurrencies, and penny stocks.

Selling strategies are covered thoroughly, including a chapter on the art of selling covered calls.

Finally, corrections, crashes, and bear markets are discussed so you will learn to survive and thrive when markets plunge.

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